Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. contracting party

The contract is concluded between Martin Sporer and the company agreeing to the terms and conditions. The approving company will henceforth be referred to as the contracting party.

2. contract

The contract between the contracting party and Martin Sporer is - provided that Martin Sporer is reached - by sending the respective complete and truthfully filled in new registration form on www.metalljobs.com, if metalljobs.com does not declare within 3 days that no contract should come about. This must contain company name, contact person, address, number of employees, telephone number and e-mail address. The user has the right within 7 days after registration by written declaration to the Martin Sporer, Gaisbergstraße 7, 5161 Elixhausen without giving reasons to withdraw. For non-consumed services or service periods, the user receives the corresponding part of the paid amount after deduction of the fee for services or services used,

3.Subject of the contract

Martin Sporer is a job broker and offers employers the opportunity to publish advertisements for the recruitment search independently on the Internet.

4. Duties of Martin Sporer

Advertisements will be published immediately after entering the appropriate data by the contractor. Information about the company is published on various websites Martin Sporer is committed to making the advertisements and information available to visitors for at least www.metalljobs.com over the entire contract period. Martin Sporer is committed to keeping customer information strictly confidential in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

5. Obligations of the contracting party

The contracting party agrees to pay the applicable fees within a period of 14 working days after receipt of the invoice. The invoice will be sent immediately after registration at www.metalljobs.com, regardless of advertisements placed. The fee is a flat rate for one year from the conclusion of the contract. The fees are graded according to the number of employees of the contracting party. The prices can be found in the "Prices" section on the website www.metalljobs.com.
The contracting party undertakes not to publish content that violates applicable law or common sense on www.metalljobs.com. Except for written exceptions, only advertisements related to job search may be published.
metalljobs.com is entitled to pre-check the published content and is also entitled to refuse to publish content should this content be in breach of the law.

6. Termination of the contractual relationship

The contract between the contracting party and Martin Sporer expires at the end of the period for which the service was ordered, without the need for a separate termination.
If the contractual partner does not comply with his obligation to pay after two reminders, the contractual relationship can be terminated with immediate effect by Martin Sporer. However, this has no influence on the existing claim.
After irresponsible explicit request of the contracting party to remove forbidden or immoral contents (see 4), the contractual relationship of Martin Sporer can be terminated.
If Martin Sporer does not comply with the obligations described in 4, the contractual relationship can be terminated by the contractual partner.

7. Disclaimer

Martin Sporer assumes no liability for contents if they do not comply with legal provisions in general and especially with regard to personnel search. The contents of the advertisements are the responsibility of the respective contractual partners.
Martin Sporer is liable for lost profits of the contracting party or any damages of third parties only in cases of intent or gross negligence. Compensation is governed by the ABGB. Martin Sporer establishes contact between employers and jobseekers and is not liable for any damage in connection with their initiation of a contract.

8. Disruptions

Martin Sporer will endeavor to prevent or rectify disruptions and limitations of services and offers. Short-term - in particular by unforeseeable or extraordinary circumstances or necessary technical measures caused - disturbances, impairments or restrictions do not constitute a lack of performance.

9. changes of the Conditions

If there is a change in the general terms and conditions of Martin Sporer, the contractors will be notified by e-mail.