Frequently asked questions


First, deposit the login information required to create your user account. Mandatory fields are highlighted in red and must be filled in when registering. will never release this data to third parties.

In the next step of registration we will send you an e-mail to the address given above. This contains your username and your system generated password. You can change this password after your initial login at any time under your settings to your liking.
Now you can fill in the most important data (company, position) for your profile. Please make your details accurate and correct, as they will be stored in your profile that will be displayed after you have fully registered on

1. At the upper right edge there is a button with the name Login
2. Click on this field and enter your e-mail address (or your username).
3. Now enter the password obtained during registration or your password
already changed.
4. Click on "Login".

There are several options for this. Below are some suggested solutions.

1. To log in, use the email address enabled in your login / notifications profile?
Your login is only possible with the notification and login e-mail or your individual user name stored in your profile. If you no longer have access to your e-mail address, you can log on at any time with the appropriate password. ,

2. Confirmation link for new password or or for the conversion of the login email address not received?
If you no Receive email, check You're welcome Among other things, the folder for junk or spam e-mails of your provider, or if the maximum storage volume has been reached. If necessary, delete messages in order to be able to receive e-mails again.To contact If necessary, your e-mail provider. If using a Google Mail account, check the Social Networks folder. To do this, click on "more" in the menu on the left side and then display "all messages". The classification is automatic, has unfortunately no influence. You can change the email address for logging in and for notifications in the logged-in profile here: Follow the instructions given under "Email Settings". Please do not log out to confirm the new email address.

3. Cookies / Cache already deleted? CurrentBrowser? Deleted old saved passwords?
If, in your opinion, you have entered your email address and password correctly, it is possible that old data in the directory for your cookies are cached. In this case canit help, that dedicated cookie in the settings of your browser toClear. Please always make sure that you use a current browser.Test You in trouble alsoalternative browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Explorer etc.). Most browser - specific problems can already be resolved by clearing cache and / or cookies. If necessary, delete old saved passwords in the settings of your browser and deactivate the installed add-ons.

Your username can be found under your profile picture in the settings.
If you log in to, you can also enter this username in the field "E-Mail" as an alternative to your registered e-mail address at

Can I subsequently change my data provided during registration?
Yes, you can make changes to your data under the settings under your profile picture.
These changes will be confirmed by via email.

You can not change your activated e-mail address, which you use to log in to This has system engineering backgrounds.

You can change your password in the Settings - Password section

If you want to delete your profile, please send us a message via contact form. We will implement the deletion of your profile immediately.

Please note that deletion will cause you to lose all data, input, personal messages, etc. All this will be irrevocably deleted and can not be restored.
Your posts will not be deleted, such as: on blog entries.

No, you can not change your activated e-mail address, which you use to log in to This has system engineering backgrounds.
So if you have a new email address, we ask you to register again and upload your data.

You can change your username and password for under Settings.

Private and business contact
information You can change your address, telephone, fax or e-mail directly on your profile under Settings. is encrypted by default.
The platform is used with secure 128-bit SSL encryption. This is the same encryption method that eg banks use for online banking. Passwords are stored as a hash value, which is supplemented by a salt value.

Data protection, made in Austria
All user data are treated as strictly confidential in accordance with the strict Austrian or European data protection guidelines and we guarantee that they will not be passed on to third parties. Please also note our privacy policy. For further questions please send us an inquiry via our contact form.

Data storage in Austria
We only use Austrian server locations to store your personal data (including messages and file attachments).

Personal data of members are never disclosed to third parties. This includes all personal information such as addresses or cell phone or telephone numbers. As the operator, we are responsible for ensuring that our members' data is safe with us and is protected in accordance with the privacy policy. We are aware that the sensitive handling of their data is extremely important to our members.

Advertising on complies with Austrian and European data protection laws and regulations. members have full control over the security of their data and privacy - and nothing will change in the future.

Our goal is to make advertising as relevant as possible to each member. "Targeting" takes place using anonymized geographic and demographic features. There is "targeting" eg by "gender", "age" and "country / region" The banner ads do not appear at any time due to a personalized selection.

Your password must be at least 5 characters long. You can use uppercase and lowercase letters as well as alphanumeric characters. If possible, use virtually no personal information. (eg: name, date of birth, account information, address or telephone number)